Not just Blueberries!

We have more than 10 years experience in the growing, harvesting and trading Fresh . Our Core Business was to Export Blueberries to the world but based on our experience and knowledge acquired over the years, CAFRUTAS decided to invest and grow blueberries to satisfy a growing demand, fulfilling our clients´need with the same service and quality that we have got them used to.
Not only our plantations are GLOBAL GAP Certified but also our own packing and freezing facility are HACCP and BRC Certified, which ensures quality at all times.

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Give us natural.

Consumers like the fact that blueberries are a natural ingredient, nothing added, no preservatives. They can be used whole, diced, fresh or dried, freeze-dried, as purée, concentrate or juice. "Healthy is trendy." New and innovative products are always being built on blueberries: ice cream cones with blueberry bits; blueberry salsas and sauces paired with nontraditional seasonings like tarragon and cider vinegar; blueberry barbecue sauce; blueberry computer pills; a pancake mix with dried blueberries; and of course health bars and sweets.

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Compañía Argentina de Frutas AKA “CAFRUTAS” has been shipping top blueberries worldwide all the way from, over the years our relationship with the clients in USA, Europa, and Asia has grown stronger with excellent results, ensuring that the quality of our fruit is not deteriorated by transportation.

Simply Blue

Compañia Argentina de Frutas - CAFRUTAS.


    We have more than 10 years experience in the growing, harvesting and trading Misty, O'neal, Blue Crisp, Emerald, Jewel and Star blueberries from Argentina to the world.


    All of our plantations are GLOBAL GAP CERTIFIED, and produce more than 200 tons a year of Blueberries from September until December.


    "Give us natural".


    The company has its own packing and freezing facility.